St. Dominic's Day

On Monday we celebrated the Feast Day of our Founder, St. Dominic. As usual it was a festive day: all the 'bells and whistles' for prayers and all laughter and celebration outside of prayers! (Note: no actual bells or whistles were used at Office!) The St. Dominic statue that used to reside outside our downstairs guest room was given a full makeover by Sr. Mary Ana with the help of Ellie Culver. The statue previously had been painted over and over again and finally had paint just peeling off. Now he looks beautiful...I mean handsome! Dominic was brought up to our community room and placed on the beautiful wooden stand made by Sr. Mary Magdalene. We lit our Jubilee candle (made and painted by Sr. Mary Catharine) at his feet.

After breakfast Sr. Clare showed the sisters how to blow clear plastic bubbles with a kit she had brought. The level of success was diverse, but some sisters caught on quickly. It is harder than it looks! As usual we munched on snacks while we chatted and admired each others' bubbles. Sr. Mary Veronica made a bubble tower while Sr. Clare's big bubble was hung from the ceiling as added decoration.  There were also all of the St. Dominic greetings and cards to read from our Dominican monasteries and friends here and abroad to look through. We always love to read how our sisters are doing!

For dinner Sr. Mary Ana cooked up some delicious ribs while Sr. Mary Catharine made her famous cannoli for dessert. At noon Sr. Mary Martin, Sr. Maureen, and Sr. Mary Magdalene went to the parlor to draw the winners for the Guild's raffle. Congratulations to the winners! In the afternoon we enjoyed each others company while at the same time enjoying a treat of ice cream cones.

What a lovely day to celebrate St. Dominic! 

A New Beginning

Yesterday we had the joy of welcoming Clare Therese Wong as she entered the monastery to begin her postulancy. Sr. Clare comes to us all the way from Singapore and worked as a radiographer before beginning her monastic adventure. 

We gathered in the chapter hall right before Rosary & Vespers to lead our newest member into the enclosure. As our prioress, Sr. Mary Martin, led Sr. Clare through the enclosure door the community led the way, processing to choir while chanting Psalm 122. Sr. Mary Martin showed Sr. Clare to her choir stall and, after a reading by our novice mistress, Sr. Mary Catharine, Sr. Mary Martin led a prayer asking for God's blessings on our newest postulant. We closed by singing the Salve, and then made our way to the community room where we greeted Sr. Clare. 

Our golden retriever, Sabina, knew something was up so she let herself upstairs and greeted the procession as the sisters entered choir. Spotting Sr. Clare when she came out of choir, Sabina gave her an ebullient greeting. Clearly she approves. After supper the novitiate trekked outside for the traditional "novitiate" photos. For a brief time we have a "balanced" novitiate, with two postulants and two novices, as our postulant Sr. Aisling will be receiving the habit and beginning her novitiate on Our Lady's birthday, September 8th.  

Please keep Sr. Clare in your prayers!