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Monastic community of Dominican contemplative nuns.

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Fourth of July Fun

Summit Dominican Nuns

With Independence Day falling on a Saturday, Sr. Mary Martin was the lucky sister in charge of the grill. It had been awhile since sister grilled, but everything came out wonderfully. And there are always sisters who stop by the kitchen to lend a hand. Since it is a recreation day the sisters can chat as they work.

We always end evening recreation by singing the National Anthem. Sr. Danielle and Sr. Maria were appointed to be the official flag holders. 

After Compline some of the sisters climb up onto the roof to watch Summit's firework display. We can just see the fireworks between two of our trees. Some years we've counted up to thirteen different firework displays we could see from the roof. This year only seven were spotted, but Summit's finale was the better than its been in many years.

Another New Priest

Summit Dominican Nuns

On Friday we had the joy of welcoming newly ordained Fr. Innocent Smith, OP to say Mass for us.  Fr. Innocent was ordained just last month.

After Mass Father gave us his "first blessing".

July 4-Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati

Summit Dominican Nuns

Bl Pier Giorgio (2nd from right) with some friends.

A letter to his friend Antonio Villani on the joy he experienced on becoming a member of the Dominican Order

I am most content that you wish to take part in the great family of Saint Dominic, where, as Dante says, “One is richly provided for if one is humble.” The obligations are very small, otherwise, you must un­der­stand, I could not belong to an Order that required a lot.

When the Saint instituted the third order he instituted it as a militia to do battle against heretics; then they had very severe rules, as if it followed the ancient rule of the first order; but now it has been trans­formed, and not a trace of the severe duties remains any more. One needs to recite the Dominican Office of Our Lady or the Rosary every day, but even this can be consciously omitted for one or several days without committing any mortal sin.

I hope that you make vestition in the magnificent temple of Turin and then I will be near you to give you the fraternal embrace; since you, who already are bound to me in fraternal links by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, will be doubly so by having Father Saint Dominic in common with me.

It would please me so much for you to assume the name of Brother Jerome, not only because it is the name that I have as a son of Saint Dominic, but because it reminds me of a figure dear to me and cer­tainly also to you, for you have in common with me the same sentiments against depraved morals: the figure of Jerome Savonarola, whose name I unworthily carry. A fervent admirer of this friar, dead like a saint on the gallows, in making myself a tertiary I wanted to take him as a model, but unfortunately I am far away from imitating him. Think about it and then write me your ideas on the matter.

I thank you, also in the name of my family, for the good words which arrive so agreeably in these mo­ments, especially when they come not only thought but felt with the heart, as I feel yours near me in these hours. Respects to your family and all things in Christ Jesus to you—Brother Jerome.

Pickles for the Picnic

Summit Dominican Nuns

Earlier this week, our Sr. Judith Miryam made a few jars of “Sunshine Pickles” half-sour pickles, just in time for our Fourth of July Picnic. Since it was Sister’s first try at pickling, she consulted Sr. Mary Martin (our prime pickle-maker) who provided a trusted recipe from Sr. Mary Elizabeth’s mother. After about three days catching the rays on the cloister, the pickles were ready. Sister pronounced them nice and crunchy, with just the right amount of sourness.


The pickling cucumbers and fresh dill came from JustFarmed, a produce service founded by Meredith Lehman, which delivers a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit from local farms each week, from May to November. to our monastery. We have been subscribers for over a year and are very pleased with the tasty and healthy additions to our table, which supplement our own homegrown vegetables. The wide spectrum of offerings, from arugula to zucchini, keeps our sister cooks on their creative toes, searching for recipes or using the ones provided in each week’s delivery boxes. Because we are a non-profit organization, we occasionally receive surplus produce, which is always appreciated by our community. Thanks to our good friend and benefactor, May Fridel of Passion for Spices, for recommending JustFarmed to us!

MTS Week 2

Summit Dominican Nuns

The second week of the Monastic Theological Studies program is in full swing! This week Fr. Thomas Pietri is guiding the sisters through the book of Romans with the help of St. Thomas Aquinas. Actually, the course is called "Reading St. Paul Through the Eyes of St. Thomas".  Also during these two weeks the sisters have been giving presentations on the two papers they wrote this past year for last year's courses. 

Class photo with Fr. Andrew Hofer, OP who taught last week's course: "Introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas"
Back row (L-R): Sr. Fransica (Nairobi, Kenya), Sr. Mary Isabel (Menlo Park, CA), Sr. Dominic Marie (Farmington Hills, MI), Fr. Andrew Hofer, Sr. Mary Cecilia (Summit), Sr. Mary Austin (Los Angelos, CA), Sr. Clara Marie with the class's mascot (Farmington  Hills, MI)
Front row (L-R): Sr. Mary Magdalene (Summit), Sr. Marie Therese (Farmington Hills, MI), Sr. Maria of Jesus (Farmington Hills, MI), Sr. Mary Veronica (Summit), Sr. Mary of the Angels (Los Angelos, CA), and Sr. Mary Jacinta (Summit).

Sr. Marie Therese  created a jeopardy game in honor of Sr. Mary Magdalene's solemn profession. The topics were "Dominican History", "Church History, "Scripture", "Kansas", and "Sr. Mary Magdalene".  Lots of fun was had by all!

During recreation one night Sr. Marie Therese and Sr. Mary of the Angels discovered our hula hoops!

Fr. Thomas Pietri teaches the second week's course.

Sr. Mary Magdalene and Sr. Francisca listen intently during class.

Sr. Maria of Jesus takes down notes.